First Run’s On Us!

We invite you to the first work in order to introduce the tango, our work and our place. After this work, you can decide whether or not to continue. First to be held
the study is very useful to the participants, not only in order to start the tango, but also because it includes important subjects such as posture, body awareness, and healthy posture.

Tango, which has no age limit from seven to seventy, can be performed by anyone who feels the rhythm in their heart. As long as we can stand on our feet, tango will exist in our lives. Tango is not just a dance but a way of life.

If you want to dance a little, maybe even tango, everyone should give themselves a chance.
As for talent, many of those who say I am talentless come to this conclusion without trying. Remove obstacles, add a personal, cultural, artistic color and innovation to your life.

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