Contact tango, since 2008#UNESCO International Dance Council
it is an Argentine Tango course that provides training with a certificate.

Contact Tango is an Argentine Tango course that has been open to anyone who wants to bring Tango into their life since 2008 and offers a CID certified training by the UNESCO International Dance Council. With its studio located in Cihangir, Taksim, the center of Istanbul, it provides training to all social, amateur and professional dancers and expert dance instructors. For anyone who wants to be a Tango dancer, posture, body awareness, Gymnastics-based stretching and conditioning is an experienced brand that can accurately communicate tango music and culture and ideal tango technique among other disciplines of tango dance.

Erdal Atik

Dancer, Founding Instructor and Choreographer

Nora Şigaher Atik

General Artistic Director