Istanbul Technical University Lokal Milonga

Milonga night, organized in collaboration with Contact Tango and Istanbul Technical University Tavern, is one of the most popular activities of tango social circle in Istanbul. Every Saturday you can find all the information about milonga night, which brings together tango lovers accompanied by a different tango DJ, on the Contact Tango social media accounts.

Şile Tango Marathon

Şile The Tango Marathon is an International Tango event held on the second weekend of June each year. It’s an intense three-day reunion with the beautiful music that DJs never want to end, the sea, the sand, and the sun. In a comfortable hotel in a small town near Istanbul, a hearty and fun event awaits you, including all meals, with a chef who can cook for all participants, including vegans. The Chile Tango Marathon is an event with doors open to all who have a place in their heart for tango.
Şile Resort Hotel, marathon hosts all guests. All hotel services and facilities (beach, pool, dining halls and activity rooms) are exclusive to dancers. A spacious ballroom with beautiful views, a dance floor specially set up for the event, tables and seating areas are ideal for cabeceo. And most importantly, the elegant steps and quality dancers that fill the entire space!
For more information about Chile Tango Marathon  website  visit theFacebook Pageyou can control it.