Nora Şigaher Atik

General Artistic Director

Born in 1977 in Istanbul, Eleonora developed an interest in music and dance from a young age. Eleonora was a choir soloist at Esayan College during her secondary school years, and also performed in dance and music groups. Stretching based on tango, singing, theatre, modern dance, ballet and gymnastics in various years&Eleonora, who has trained in condition and anatomy, believes in and recommends continuity of learning on behalf of the instructor.

Education; 2015: Argentina Buenos Aires;” Corporacion Tango ” art-works with directors Daniel Juarez / Alejandra Armenti

2015: physical therapist Dr. Studies on body injuries and anatomy with Füsun Artunç

2013: Argentina Buenos Aires;” Corporacion Tango ” art-works with directors Daniel Juarez / Alejandra Armenti

2010: Theatre Z-Acting Training

2010: Anatomy, stretching and conditioning in” Istanbul Deng Gymnastics ” Club-Gönül ŞANDA

2009: Theater Z – acting training” Contact Tango IDC ” Modern Dance – Ece GÖZMEN Anatomy, stretching and conditioning in“Istanbul Deng Gymnastics” Club-Gönül ŞANDA

2008: Argentina Buenos Aires!training seminar-GUSTAVO NAVEIRA & amp; Giselle ANNE special study with EZEQUIEL FARFARO special study with Mr. Universe special study with Tango Brujo group lessons contact improvement special study with MARCELA TRAPE 5. Workshop at International Tango Festival(Masters level) (MARIANO ”Chicho” FRUMBOLI & JUANA SEPULVEDA, SEBASTIAN ARCE & ARIANA MONTES, ADRIAN VEREDICE & ALEJANDRA HOBERT, PABLO VILLARRAZA & DANA FRIGOLI, CELINE RUIZ & DAMIAN ROSENTHAL)

2007: body & dance formation, contemporary dance techniques, contact improvisation and Pas de deux studies – Erdal Atik

2007: Ballet Fusion “ballet form stretching” condition ” – Ömer Inan 2003: Modern Dance – Ayrin ERSÖZ

2002-2004: Argentine Tango – Tangoist Dance Organization

2002-2007: Argentine Tango-Ezequiel FARFARO & Milena PIEBS, Gabriel-Natalie, Ezequiel FARFARO & Maria Eugenia PARILLA

2001: Modern Dance-Candaş chief experiences;

2010: Daniel Juarez &assistant choreography of Alejandra Armenti workshop and show Organization“Contacttango IDC”

2009: Gymnastics based stretching and conditioning study and instructor” Contacttango IDC ” assistant choreography

2008: establishment of” Contacttango IDC “AFEM Cultural Center tango instructor Malena dance and HB Dance Studios tango instructor six point Blind Association “Butterfly Festival” Tango instructor and tango show choreography

2004 – 2007: tangoist dance organization tango instructor

2007: Kanal D “game over” series tango instructor and choreography

2007: High Fidelity “ Video Clip”

2004: AFEM Cultural Center tango instructor demonstrations

2011-2015: many demonstrations in Turkey and Argentina … demonstrations at the special nights of the Consulate General of Argentina in Istanbul

2010: Tango Show at” Gotan Project “Istanbul concert ITU faculty of Engineering Award Ceremony” Harbiye Military Museum” Tango show Ghetto “Daniel Melingo” Tango Show

2009: suzer Plaza Theatre Maan” Tango ckm show “Sports Club Association of the fishmen” “voices “”treasure” tango show, “IDC Contacttango” representation of Istanbul Validebag Teachers gymnastics club Balance a tango show Tango Show “House of voices” treasure Doğuş University a tango show called “Voices” treasure” a tango show Süreyya Opera “selections from musicals and film music” Tango Show

2008: tango Show With Evren Sayın at the closing milongas of the” Tango ritual ” festival.    Istanbul State Ballet” Tango action ” in the work of the classical tango Department Istanbul State Opera 48. Year celebration tango show Bilfen College Fashion Design Fashion Show tango show

2007: Princess Hotel” All In One Show “Etiler Nursing Home” Tango Show “Swiss Hotel ” All In One Show”

2003 -2007 “Tülay Uyar Training Center ” Tango Show”

2006 “Conrad Hotel ” 29.October Republic Ball”

2005: Pera Palas” Tangoist Ball “Basri Hotel ” 14.February SEC.Valentine “Sabancı University “Dance Festival” Boğaziçi University “Dance Festival” Yeditepe University” Dance days”

2002: Park Orman “Tan Saktürk &Candaş Baş Modern Dance Show”