Erdal Atik

Dancer, Founding Instructor and Choreographer

Artistic gymnastics coach, national athlete, Istanbul and Turkey Champion in double and single dances.
Born in 1965 in Ankara,she started her dance training in 1981 with dance instructor “Togay Baba” and “Tango, Rock’n Roll, Cha-Cha – Cha, Pop dance”.
From 1983 he worked as a gymnastics instructor, dancer and jazz dance assistant at the ballet art center founded by Sait Sökmen.
She entered the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet in 1986 and worked as a ballet performer in staged works until the end of 2008, and as a repeatist and choreographer in addition to ballet dancer since 2003.
She was one of the founding dancers of the Turkuaz Modern Dance Ensemble from 1989-1993 and danced in all her works until her final year.
He worked as a “tango-couple and Archdeacon” in the Evita musical.

To date, she has worked as a dancer, repetitorist and choreographer in many commercials, Motion Pictures, series films, and in private and state organizations both domestic and international.
Presently Erdal Atik, Tango Salon with tango instructor Nora Shigaher, Nuevo Tango, Body & Formation Dance, contemporary dance, Contact Improvisation, Partnering techniques and choreographic their work, their knowledge and experience dancers, actors and artists, as well as giving training to anyone who wants to start Tango and choreography by shares. He also interprets Argentine Tango styles by blending them with modern dance techniques.